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Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Examine the top commercial vacuum cleaners, based on performance and positive feedback from users.

Commercial vacuum cleaners are more unique than regular household vacuums in that they usually do one type of cleaning exceptionally well and they can do it for hours at a time. In addition to removing dirt and debris from floors and ceilings, they also  have the ability to remove particles that are floating in the air.

Commercial vacuums can clean in a variety of environments: Dry, wet/dry, corrosive and even radioactive.

Because of the durability, these types of vacuums will often cost considerably more, but usually not beyond the financial resources of a small business.

Selecting the right commercial vacuum then, involves knowing the environment. Are you going to be cleaning in areas where workers tend to be? You'll want one that has excellent hepa filtration. If you are primarily cleaning up construction debris, then obtain one with a larger diameter hose, so that it doesn't become clogged. Backpack vacuums are good when your focus is predominantly on cleaning ceilings and areas that are cluttered. Vacuums with a wide cleaning head would be good on areas with large, unobstructed paths for maximum efficiency. 

You must also consider who will be using the vacuum. Unless you intend to train your entire staff on how to properly use it, then finding a model that is "stupid-proofed" is going to be an important factor. One business owner found that using a vacuum that had a visual indicator of the amount of dust accumulated assisted the employees in knowing when to empty the unit, preventing a clogging situation and possible repairs.

There are a number of manufacturers to choose from. Dyson, Eureka, Electrolux all carry models specifically for commercial use.

Some of the types of debris collected by commercial vacuums:

  1. Abrasives
  2. Explosive media
  3. Fine Powders
  4. Metalworking
  5. Coolant material